GIveaway {Cutler Salon}

{ The first time David and I met, at a photo shoot, years and years ago}

Behind every good woman is a great hairdresser. Behind this woman {moi} is David at Cutler salon in Soho. He’s kind of a genius {if I do say so myself} and has been sweet enough offer up his services to one of my readers. Leave a comment or send a tweet to @laneycrowell, let me know the last time you had a haircut, and enter to win a free haircut from quite possibly my most favorite man in New York.

I’ll announce the winner Monday when, after many, many months, I’ll finally be getting my hair cut too.

{Winner will be chosen at random but there will be a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for everyone who enters.}

{Around the last time I got my hair cut — maybe 6 months ago?}



  1. such a great giveaway!

    My last haircut was about 5-6 months ago, sometime in June. I’ve been growing my hair out, but feeling a bit overdue myself.

  2. My last haircut was only a few weeks ago but it was TERRIBLE. I was so disappointed in the stylist… who knew you could mess up just a trim. Would love someone who knows what they are doing to clean it up a bit!

  3. HI! oh my gosh!! I would sooo LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! im a mommy of a 4 yr old little girl and work a ton and i havent had any time for me whatsoever!! I have hair just like Laney’s Long , thick and brown! great hair with amazing potential! It would definately give me the boost i soo desperately need 🙂 Please. Thank You for offering this! Very Sweet!

  4. My last haircut was five months ago. I try to be savvy as a law-student in the city but something other than the Aveda Academy would be nice :).

  5. David IS genius. As a regular customer of his I am not sure I qualify for a free haircut, but I could certainly use one right about now!

  6. Last time I had a haircut was almost 7 months ago… I am fairly new to NYC, and have identical hair to you as well– realllyyyy long, full, and dark. I want to keep it long, and have yet to find someone in NYC that can handle long hair really well!

    Your blog is wonderful… xox.

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