DIsco NAils

{The creation}

Ever since I saw the nails on the Jil Sander runway, I’ve been dreaming about gold, obnoxiously sparkly nails. So, when Laura in the office mentioned that Valley Nails on Elizabeth St. could do just that, I made an appointment for the very next day. I didn’t have time to get rhinestones put on because I had a birthday dinner to get to, but I have to say that just about everyone from my waitress at dinner, to the random guys at the club, to the taxi driver, to my barista complimented (or commented on?) my new Gaga-esque digits.

{The inspiration}



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  3. Hey I currently have the same excact nails as you, and i’m loving them! I find myself constantly looking at my nails! ha but opposite to you i bought a bottle of gold sparkly nail polish as part of a 3 for $5 deal at the store 5 below. I’ve had these sparkles on for about a week and a half and they still havent chipped off! I would strongly suggest checking it out! The only thing is the nail polish tends to get a little clumpy after 2-3 months, but for such a cheap price it’s totally worth it! I’ve gotten so many compliments and all my friends are passing around the bottle becuase they’re all so in love with the color! Yay for being a girl and getting to wear nail polish!

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