MAple PRaline ICe CReam SAuce

{I layered two different ribbons and wrapped them around Mason jars for a finished look.}

Homemade Christmas gifts are just a little bit better than the traditional, I-bought-this for-you-not-because-you-needed-it-but-because-it’s-required-of-me presents. Since my friends have just about everything they could ever need, this year I made them maple praline ice cream syrup. Made with sugar and lots of sweet nuts {and love} this recipe was not only fairly quick and easy, but I have to admit that it might have been one of the yummiest things I’ve ever tasted.



  1. this looks absolutely amazing – thank you! i was wondering, though, how long this would keep if i mailed a few jars to family as christmas presents?

    • I actually made a vegan version for my vegan cousin by omitting the cream and instead adding a little nondairy butter (I like Earth Balance). Without the dairy it should keep for weeks even if it’s not refrigerated! Let me know how it goes:)

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