ALl I WAnt FOr CHristmas

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! I’ve spent the last couple of days baking cookies, I used this recipe to make my pop-art-inspired cookies, and making fun, affordable table decorations. My best-friend and baking companion Nicole wanted vibrate frosting so we purchased gel coloring which produced borderline neon cookies, which actually they looked great next to the chocolate saltine brickle I made earlier this week.

To decorate the table I collected pinecones from our yard. I wrapped some with pipe cleaners and attached place cards, inspired by this blog post on Cupcakes and Cashmere, and spray painted others in silver and gold. Interspersed with tea lights it was quite possibly the easiest and prettiest table decorating I’ve ever done. Which was great, because it gave me more time to nap by the fire and eat too much my aunts’ cooking.

{Tinsle pipecleaners I found in the $1 bin at the arts and crafts store}

{My sister’s (of no relation to Palin) place setting}


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