FEathered FRiends

I’ve been having a slight love affair with birds as of recent. I put this purple guy on some winter tulips, am seriously considering one of Erin Fetherston’s dove dresses, and found myself smiling at a sparrow vase in an antique shop yesterday. There’s something just so whimsical and free about a Tucan tee or a lovebird ring, don’t ‘ya think? And the best part, their chirping won’t wake you up pre-alarm.

1. Issa Top, $195, topshop.com

2. Mirror Brooch, $18, topshop.com

3. Candle Holder, $68, velocityartanddesign.com

4. Iittala “Puffball” Bird Grey, $99,  bloomingdales.com

5. Allison Schiller Birds Ring, $575, maxandchloe.com

6. Bird Frame, $40, dwellhome.com

7. Driade mirror,  $1,421, unicahome.com

8. Old School Stationers #1021, $42, velocityartanddesign.com

9. IndiB rug, $595, designpublic.com


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