BUndled UP

{ Zara parka, Dries Van Noten blazer, J.Crew sweater, Vintage Revolution jeans c/o, Jo handbag, Zara belt, vintage necklaces, clogs from some store in Dubai}

When it’s this cold outside, it gets really hot inside– New Yorkers love their overheated spaces. Upon entering a restaurant, apartment, or store a strip-down ritual ensues, where the hat and gloves come off, next the jacket, and if it’s really warm, the sweater, until you’re awkwardly standing there in your undershirt wondering how you were freezing just a few minutes ago, and what exactly you’re going to do with the pile of clothes in your arms. My solution: wear many thin layers, to give you more temperature options, use a light sweater as a base, and always, always bring a big bag to hold your mittens, scarves, and other knitted accessories.

P dot s, if you would like to win the bag I’m wearing in this post, go to Jo Handbags’ Facebook page and leave a comment or send them a tweet @johandbags


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