PInk ANd TUlle ANd EVerything SWeet

Thanks to the blanket of snow outside I’ve been free to focus on the stack of work on my desk today. One of the exciting projects I have in the pipeline right now has to do with the launch of a very cool new bridal line (from one of my and your most favorite stores). In preparation I have been living in the bridal blog world. A born romantic, this surfeit of floral pink images has made me even sappier than usual. So sappy in fact that I’m boarding on schmoopie and had to tell my friends that any talk of engagements/weddings/babies is banned until after this event is over.

Incase you’re wondering, the best bridal blogs I’ve found are 100 layer cake, Brooklyn Bride, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Eco Beautiful Brides, Ruffled, and Merci New York. But they’re quite addictive, and if you’re going through a breakup, I highly advise staying far, far away. No sayin’ I didn’t warn you!

P dot s: if you haven’t checked out the site Pinterest it’s a must for all brides-to-be, creative types, or if you’re like me, just someone who likes to make mood boards for any ol’ occasion.

All images courtesy of kelly oshiro design


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