LE SAmouraï

I’ve always loved french movies. All the pauses, extended scenes, and loaded comments make for much more thoughtful cinematic experiences than their American counterparts. Saturday I watched Le Samouraï, and while I probably should have been focused on 1960’s heart throb Alain Delon, I couldn’t help but gush over the fashion. The fur blankets, sequin dress, and fedoras thrown around so seamlessly were beyond romantique…

Other french films that should be Netflixed immédiatement: Ma femme est an Actrice, Ils se marierent et aurent beaucoup d’enfant (english translantion: …And They Lived Happily Ever After*), & La Piscine

*Under no circumstances should you see this flick with a significant other. Ideally rent with jaded and bitter girlfriends only. Trust me.

1. Le Samourï DVD, $30, ace.openingceremony.com

2. MAC eyeliner, $18, beautyencounter.com

3. Chatham hat, $176, hatcountry.com

4. Pony Skin gloves, $395, brownsfashion.com

5. Faux-fur blanket, $130, childrensalon.com

6. Rachel Gilbert sequined gown, $1, 435, net-a-porter.com

7. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel trench, $835 $415, my-wardrobe.com


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