A HEart, FOr YOu

I have three house-warming parties and two birthday parties on the schedule this weekend. Instead of bringing the perfunctory bottle of wine to each one, I decided this weekend’s events would the perfect opportunity to try out a couple batches of the cookie recipe that I plan on making for Valentine’s Day. (I like to practice making a recipe before the big day, incase something needs to be tweaked).

My friend told me how to make these palmiers, or “elephant ears”, when I was at home over the holidays and I was a little doubtful that they would be as easy to make as she said. But, they were not only easy, but incredible addictive and very, very budget friendly (one packet of puff pastry costs around $6 and makes more cookies than you’re going to know what to do with).

After baking, but while still warm, I dipped them in homemade colored sugar and on V-day I think I’ll package them in a wax sandwich bag — a nice nod to the 50’s and environmentally friendly– and tie them with a pink bow. But, if you don’t have a Valentine or think pink bows are cheesy, feel free to omit the pink sugar and packaging. They are just as tasty when consumed plain, curled up on the couch, watching multiple episodes of Tosh.O, which is exactly how I ate mine last night.



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