ACtually – LOve

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working non-stop on the launch of Anthropologie’s new bridal line, BHLDN, or maybe it’s the sweet dinner I had with my two best friends last night. It could also be that I’m homesick. Or maybe it’s because it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Regardless of the reason, love is on my mind.

Last weekend when I was cramming all of my book club reading in to two days, I stumbled upon the most interesting study that I think has a worth-sharing, very sweet and profound message:

It’s called The Harvard Man study. It followed 268 men from their entrance into college in the late 1930’s through present day. From this data, scientists identified the life circumstances and personal characteristics that distinguished the happiest, fullest lives from the least successful ones. George Vaillant, the psychologist who has directed this study for the last 40 years, said he could sum up his findings in one word: “love– full stop.” Could it really be so simple? He went on to say, “our relationships with other people matter, and matter more than anything else in the world.”

Anything in the world.

P dot s, I highly recommend the book: The Happiness Advantage


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