TOugher PInk

I usually find pink to be a little too saccharine for me (yes, even despite my hopeless-romantic, rom-com-loving tendencies). But, I’ve noticed that I’ve been gravitating more and more towards this typically girlie hue. In it’s very lightest shade it has an adultness about it that feels fresh, and I especially love that it will seamlessly mix in with my many, many all-black outfits.

1. Blouse, $75,

2. Necklace, $372,

3. Heels, $68,

4. Earrings, $24,

5. Skirt, $25,

6. Bag, $48,

7. Balenciaga glasses,

8. Chloe, £47.90,

9. Cotton scarf, $55,

10. Flats, £15.00,

11. Comme des Garçons pouch, $165,



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