FRom FRiends

{ New meditation book from Jenna for my virtual book club }

This past week I’ve spent almost as much time in the air as on land jetting from New York to Colorado to San Francisco and back again. Last night, when I finally got back to my apartment at 2 am, I found my apartment full of cards, flowers, and presents from my friends. There’s nothing like knowing you’ve been missed. As I unpacked my suitcase, and carefully unwrapped some recent gifts from my aunt, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a lucky girl I am. And, very happy to be home.

{ Cards from my lovelies }

{ My favorite beauty product from my favorite beauty guru, Dawn }

{ A white glass dish from my aunt to hold my watch collection }

{  Also from my aunt, a vintage Waterford decanter (she specified that it’s for olive oil)}



  1. Travelling is great but nothing beats coming home after a trip away. I love that first night back in your own bed. Its sounds like you have some very thoughtful friends and I love the glass dish your aunt bought you.

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