COnfetti TIme

You can have a big celebration on your birthday or, you can bake a box confetti cake and serve it with a side of mimosa. This weekend we held a mini-party for one of my favorite friends and while it was by no means an epic party, it was still a proper bash. Turns out there’s no better combination than Duncan Hines and Veuve Clicquot.

* Make homemade (cream cheese) frosting and add sprinkles if you have time!



  1. I have to watch my calories, so I would not eat this kind of cake. I perfer dark chocolate b/c of all of the good anti-oxidants. I figure that if I have to eat calories, I should get some benefit, right? Do you work out alot, b/c you seem very fit. I can’t eat this stuff without becoming as big as a house. Tell us your secret?

  2. Oh yummmyyy. I love confetti cake/cupcakes! Something about their bright colors really make it tasty. Nice choice in sprinkles too, such a colorful dessert.

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