L.A. STory

{ Hat Attack sunhat first seen here, Cartier watch, Dannijo bracelet, DIY necklace}

I innocently went to the pool at the new Hollywood W to meet up with my friends Mike and Rob yesterday. I thought I was going to catch-up on some reading slash work. But, turns out it’s hard to get much done when there’s techno Britney playing and delicious margaritas being served. Instead, we caught up, spied on Jamie Foxx (because no trip to L.A. is complete without a celeb sighting), and had our picture taken paparazzi style.

P dot s, All photos are screen shots of the video Chad was shooting for the hotel. He was kind enough (FYI people in L.A. are super nice) to send them over.



  1. Wow, I am watching the royal wedding, and Kate looks so amazing! And you know what, you are also so pretty in these pictures, you look like your having so much fun! I hope that someday I will also have a wonderful wedding, but for now, I must just make sure I have choosen the right man.

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