HOmemade POptarts

My grandmother is a world-class bridge player and I’m visiting her today for a lesson on “no trump bidding”. I decided to bring something to say thank you and to get our mind off of my horrible card skills. My Nanna loves breakfast, and since she’s embarking on a road trip with my aunts on Wednesday I decided to make something she can take in the car: the poptart.

* I adapted this recipe from Smitten Kitchen and added this glaze on top.

** Sorry for the lame photos, I couldn’t fit both my camera and all the shoes I needed in my suitcase. Clearly I picked fashion over function.


One comment

  1. These look so delicious, so much better then Keloggs! And what is the liquid you are using to dip the pop tarts in? Is it honey? Yum! Your such a great cook! and so fashionable too. Your BF is one lucky dude! He would be smart to marry you now before the other guys figure out what he has!

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