LUst Vs MUst: Sunnies


I’ve been a little too loyal to my black sunglasses as of late, seen here and here, and have been on the hunt for some new sunnies. The only hang-up is that I find it a little crazy ridiculous to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for something I’m going to lose or sit on (and that probably only cost a couple of cents to produce). I have however found some affordable versions of the styles I love:

Cacharel Cutler & Gross Circular Lens Sunglasses, $525, verse Lowestoft sunglasses, $89

Cutler & Gross sunglasses, $485, verse Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, $355

United Bamboo round sunglasses, $407, verse Hansen Resin Top sunglasses, $93

Ray-Ban Iconic Style Aviator Metal sunglasses, $159, verse H&M sunglasses $6.50


One comment

  1. I am always looking for cute, new sunnies – I am partial to the last pair of Ray Bans – although I already own in the classic olive color, the pink may be a cool new addition!

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