SUiting UP

Now that I’ve gone corporate I can’t help but feel my style shifting from downtown romantic to uptown chic, er, make that laid-back uptown. The white suits that seem to be cropping up everywhere feel fresh and no so buttoned up. Do I dare?

P dot s How cute would this black lace bra look underneath for a night out?

From top to bottom via: Stockholmstreetsyle, Vogue Korea, Prabal Gurung for J.Crew



  1. I agree all of these are so cute, but I don’t dare buy white suits for work. Since my clothing budget is limited, I know that the white is not to practical, b/c it is very noticeable, and also I inevitibly wind up eating Italian and wind up with red sauce on my white clothes. It’s like a napkin, my mother told me, so I would try a light beige that can get you the summery look you are hopping to get without worrying about the marinara sauce! Congratulations on “going corporate!” It is a good thing to go uptown after having village look. Once I turned 25, I decided to grow up a little to, but I am always a young hearted girl!

  2. The jump to coorporate is hard when it comes to styling – how do you stay true to yourself but still keep it professional. I think one of these white suits is a great start!
    Much love,

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