Three years ago I was given some beautiful handspun yarn and bamboo knitting needles from one of my best friends Vivian. But it wasn’t until I stumbled in to Purl Soho last week that I got the inspiration I needed to commit to a project (I’m making this blanket but in blue). They have gorgeous liberty print fabrics, a fabulous selection of knitting books, and a breathtaking wall o’ yarn.

P dot s, Check out their blog for great DIY ideas.

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  1. My grandmother taught me how to knit, but I do not have the patence to sit and do the actual work. The only time I can sit still for a while is when I am sick, but then I do not feel like knitting. I promised my grandmother that I would knit my mom a nice hat for her birthday (it’s in January), so I have to get going on it, other wise I will have to get a simple hat from Lord & Taylor and then just remove the lable! Anyway, if you are going to knit, then mabye you will motivate lazy people like me who also have the stuff, but not the desire to do it.

  2. you just left my apt and i found myself on your blog for the past 30 minutes (not including my spinning ‘wheel of death’ situation on my computer) Just wanted to post some LOVE on your blog and it had to be on this post. IseriouslyHEARTthis. and you. thanks for the magic tonight. xx

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