STrawberry-RHubarb PIe

I had quite possibly the yummiest fruit pie ever this weekend. The crust was incredibly flaky, the fruit sweet, and it was made even more perfect à la mode. I was a little too busy sipping my watermelon mojito to write down the recipe (and it’s a family secret kept under lock and key), but I did notice that Crisco was used to make the crust and extra cornstarch to make the filling thick as opposed to water-y. I recommend saving some for breakfast because somehow it becomes even better– the flavors merry, and it kinda counts as a healthy breakfast, right?



  1. I was always skeptical of the rhubarb growing year after year in our garden without any assistance from me. When I had my first taste of strawberry-rhubarb pie, I couldn’t wait for it to come back, though.

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