EYes WIde SHut

Friday night I excused myself from the party explaining that I turn in to a pumpkin after midnight. While some of you may think this is phenomenon that only exists in fairy tales, I can assure you it’s very much true. Blogger Siobhan over at No More Dirty Looks agrees with me and so does Penelope Cruz, who claims her secret to age-less beauty is sleeping fourteen hours a night.

But, sleep doesn’t come naturally to me. My mind races, I write novels in my head even when I’m exhausted, I want to sleep on my stomach but I can’t because my neck will hurt, and without fail I always wake up at 3 am. The year I had a boyfriend who snored it was beyond a lost cause (future deal breaker p dot s).

So here are my five secrets to getting, and staying, asleep so that one day maybe I can look like Penelope too. I,

1) get an hour of exercise every day. The more I exhaust myself at the gym, the better I sleep.

2) read at least three pages of a good book before shutting off the lights.

3) have a fan or open window for fresh air.

4) quiet my mind by saying the alphabet backwards (trust me on this one).

5) send love, light, and gratitude to my family and friends.


One comment

  1. I’m a hideous sleeper, thanks for the tips and fellowship! I need to try the alphabet backwards 😉
    I also tend to sleep ten or twelve hours on my days off, I never wake up rested!

    Sweet dreams

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