YEllow SUn LIght

{ Gifted Joie dress, Rachel Leigh bow ring, Michael Kors cardigan, week-old paper }

In the city that never sleeps, there’s nothing more precious than taking a second to just be. These days I love simply curling up in my favorite chair and savoring a couple pages of the paper. As dorky and un-New Yorker as that sounds.

BTW There is finally a reason to visit the Upper East Side (other than the chicken salad at Sable’s). Joie, where I picked up this dress, has opened its new store on Madison. It’s kinda magical.

* Pics taken by Christine xx



  1. You have got great hair! Do you get the Brazilian Wax treatment to make it look so smooth & silky? Tell us your secret–I need some advise with my crazy hair!

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