{ Gifted Adam skirt, James Perse tank, Jimmy Choo sandals, American Apparel purse, Dannijo cuff, friendship bracelet from Dawn }

For better or for worse, I wholeheartedly believe in fate. Take for example this skirt. Last Fashion Week when I was at the Adam show I declared it love– fast forward 6 months, I was invited to the store to pick out an outfit by the designer himself.

We have been attached at the hip ever since.

Turns out that when it comes to destiny– if it’s meant to be– everything has a way of working out…

Bonus example, Saturday night I randomly ran in to my high school prom date on a roof top in the East Village. We ended up sitting under a few Manhattan stars blissfully talking about the mathematical nuances of infinity* for hours. We were oh-so-far away from the San Franciscan hotel where we danced our first dance, but it couldn’t have felt more like home.

* Jarrett recommends David Foster Wallace’s Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity


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