Crazy Stupid Love

I couldn’t help but notice all the tattoos in Atlantic City this weekend. One that really stuck with me ran along the side of a guy’s torso, it read:

Love can be magical, but magic can be an illusion.

I couldn’t help but sadly wonder, what inspired him to ink his body permanently with those words?

Then, I stumbled upon these love-infused movie trailers. I have to say, even though love may sometimes just be an illusion, I adore that everyone still looks for the magic.

P dot s, if you’re looking for more luv, here are some great posts by Keiko, Geri, and Beth on What Makes Love True?, a sweet online campaign I first talked about here.



  1. So sweet, I love these! but the first video keeps stopping at @ 1:31 (when the old couple are on the bordwalk).

  2. Wow – that is a heavy quote to mark yourself with permanently. I am with you in still loving the pursuit of love and magic. I really want to see this film, but as of now it is not playing in Minneapolis – guess I may have to plan a vacation to see it!
    Much love,

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