Black Lace

While at spinning this morning I was having an imaginary conversation in my head (which is what I do while at spinning at 6 am (slash all the time)). At some point in said made-up conversation I said, “My favorite color is black. Or lace.”

I abandoned the daydream because niether black nor lace is a color and because my spin instructor started playing Pitbull Give Me Everything, which actually is my most favorite song in the world (especially while at spinning at 6 am).

Regardless of what they technically are, I am in love with this combo, and will be spending my lunch break looking for some to wear this weekend (hopefully while dancing to Pitbull (at 6 am).

Both via Jak & Jil



  1. Yes – black and lace are beautiful and always a great classic to wear! And I totally get the whole conversation with yourself while spinning – I do the same during yoga (yes…I know, I am not supposed to but I cannot help it!).
    Much love,

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