Dangerously Delicious

While down in D.C. this weekend, my sister and I stopped by the coolest pie shop. Dangerously Delicious feels like a rebellious southern diner, a tad kitschy and full of unheard-of-before pies. I ordered two slices: the lemon chess and the Baltimore Bomb. Both were fantastic.

Generally though, my pie taste is pretty traditional: lemon meringue, strawberry-rhubarb, and pecan (preferably topped with fresh whipped cream) rank high on my list. I’m curious though, what’s your favorite kind of pie?



    • Yum!!!!!!!!!

      I love pie 24/7 if it is GOOD pie! My favorite is APPLE pie, but it can’t be too doughey, and the apples have to be sliced VERY thin,like you can get with a French apple torte.

      I also totally love rubarb pie alot, It can be so good when it is made like my grandmother used to. She added something I do not know what, but it made it very smooth and tasty.

      Just talking about this makes me want to go get a pie, but I can’t because I have a very busy day at work. Yuk!

  1. Oh my mouth is watering…so happy that it’s pie season! I’m a sucker for my mom’s chocolate chess, and I do love a good pumpkin. ALL must be topped by fresh whipped cream, of course! 😉

  2. oh that looks SO good! Such a good fall recipe 🙂 Random question, but I was wondering about that white room divider in your Glitter Guide feature. Where did you get it?? It’s so pretty!! xox

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