Presents and presentation

Presentation is everything (according to both my hairdresser and my creative team at work). And I have to admit, sometimes I agree. Case in point: this fabulous JewelMint box that arrived in the mail last week. It’s so pretty, I probably would have kept it tied up if I wasn’t so excited about what was inside.

I’ve been wearing my bracelet every day since, and to spread the love, I arranged a giveaway for YOU! Just leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter to enter. Easy peezy!

Xoxo L

P dot s, 1 winner will be choosen at random next Friday, November 11th.

P dot s dot s, How beautiful are these birthday flowers that are still brightening up my apartment 2 weeks later?



  1. Just started following you on twitter and at your blog.. your pictures are very refreshing and a great reminder of the fact that beauty and romance are every where.. you just have to see a deeper meaning in things. Thank you for the inspiration and countless tiny smiles.

  2. I think these pics are so cute.

    I love flowers and I love food, and I love things that are pretty, so this is a perfect blog for me to read!

  3. Hi! I’ve been following your blog and you on twitter for a while! I love your blog and stylemint! I would love to win the bracelet! ❤

  4. I already follow you on twitter as aquaprincess888. I’d love to win! I just got an internship that I hope to turn into a job (fingers crossed!) and I want to look put together but still fashionable and chic. So, I would love to get some jewelry that add a little bit of pizzazz to my outfit while still looking professional and put together. I love what jewelry can do for my outfits when I put together simple things and then pair it with that perfect piece of jewelry! My email address is Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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