For you maybe I’m a fool

{ Zara jacket, Lilla P leggings, LNA sweater, Stuart Weitzman boots, Mike and Chris bag }

♫♪ Billie Holiday — Easy Living

This weekend was full of fabulous events: like trips to Home Depot and the dry cleaner. Errand detail typically lends me to schlep around in sweats, but with Seinfeld’s infamous words ringing in my ears, I managed this easy uniform of flat boots, thick leggings, and a light parka.

P dot s, Congratulations to Marenllingboe, winner of the JewelMint giveaway!



  1. You always manage to look SO cute! I was also busy this weekend. I tried making some orange marmalade for Larry, but it did not turn out to well. I had to throw out the pot I was boiling it down in because it burned on all the sugar when I was not watching it. Larry said he would get me a new pot this week. He took it very well considering the pot was not even new.

  2. I love your reference to Seinfeld! One of the best shows of all time. Glad to see you glammed up for your weekend errands, you inspire me! 🙂


    Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic

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