Eggs in hell

Happy New Year everyone! Since most of you are probably feeling a little hung over today I thought I’d share my favorite cure: Eggs in Hell. The tomato sauce reduces to a thick delicious sauce that poaches the eggs, a combo that’s destined to be paired with a large stack of toast.

Eggs in Hell from the Talk About Good! cookbook


4 T olive oil
1 clove garlic
1 onion, minced
2 can tomato sauce
1/2 t minced thyme
1/2 t minced sweet basil
1 t minced parsley
salt and pepper
8 eggs

Heat oil in a saucepan that has a tight cover. Split garlic lengthwise and run a toothpick through each piece. Brown slowly in oil. Add minced onion and cook slowly 10 minutes until yellow. Add tomato sauce and all seasonings and herbs. Cook 15 minutes, stirring often. When done, remove garlic and toothpicks and discard. Break eggs into sauce, spacing evenly. Spoon sauce over them, cover loosely and cook slowly for 20 minutes or until eggs are cooked through. Serve over french bread, sliced thin, dry-toasted.

Enjoy when you’re in need of a hangover cure.



  1. I went to Central Park and saw the firework’s there! It was alot of fun! I also had a drink to celabrate the New Year’s! Happy New Year!!!!!!

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