Cookbook collection

I spent this long weekend out-of-town in a large, cozy, non-New York apartment (read: big kitchen). Instead of venturing out into the cold, we stayed in making shrimp and grits for dinner and chocolate peanut butter cookies for dessert. While I adore nothing more than cooking next to someone, coordinating movements, taste testing, agreeing on seasoning; the beginning, pouring over the cookbook, looking at pictures, reading aloud ingredients– I love that part almost more.

My current collection includes, from top to bottom, The Dean & DeLuca cookbook, Gourmet Today, Barefoot in Paris, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home and The Four Seasons Cookbook.



  1. Reading and planning the meal is my favorite part too! I love (though it is super wordy) the Zuni Cafe Cookbook and the Chez Panisse Vegetables Cookbook because the recipes are always so fresh tasting and creative. I’m having a serious craving for the Zuni bread salad with pine nuts.

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