California Dreamin’

Last week I was in L.A. for a video shoot for an upcoming project. Even though I was working I couldn’t have been more excited to be in the sunshine, spend my free moments with friends, and eat at some of my favorite spots from when I used to live there (specifically Joan’s on Third where I had a total of three lunches).

I had a great dinner at Nobu, did a little shopping at a great new store on Beverly called Espionage, saw my friend’s new babies, and had a very late, very fun night at The Roger Room. I have to admit, it was a little tough to come back to the snowy streets– dare I say, I miss it already?

P dot s, don’t forget to enter my InPink jewelry giveaway!

{ plates at Heath }

{ Katy and Ari’s baby girl Stella B }

{ Santa Monica Sunset }



  1. I’m a born and bred NYer. But my soul belongs on the West Coast……I’m really thinking of relocating. Thanks for sharing.

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