Urban petals

I’ve always stuck with single flower bouquets because I assumed, probably rightfully so, I couldn’t replicate the professional type. But, when I got this floral design tool kit from Urban Petals and followed their tips (did you know you can add 1 t bleach and 1 t sugar to make your own plant food?!), I was pretty excited by the result. And best of all, it was surprisingly easy.

1. Choose 3 to 4 different types of flowers. I like to vary the textures but keep the color palate simple (1 color, white and green).

2. Trim leaves and cut stems to a height just above the top of the vase.

3. Create a tape grid making row and columns. Secure edges by taping perimeter just below the top of the vase. If you’re making a round, single flower bouquet, pull the flowers one-by-one into your hand keeping them the same height and then secure with a rubberband or wire.

4. Alternate flowers, branches, and buds.

5. Add fresh water as often as possible to keep your bouquet looking good and put in the refrigerator if you go away for a weekend.



  1. I love flowers like this!!!!

    Can you do one on flowers that are special for Valentines’ Day so I can show my boyfriend what I want him to give me. Thx!

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