Damage remedy

Having dyed my hair and then dyed it back. Over blow-drying, curling, and ironing it on a daily basis. Forgetting to cut it for way too long. All these have led to my hair being, let’s just say, not at it’s best. Then, I was invited to try Aveda’s new Damage Remedy kit. It was love at first condition.

Being such a fan, I arranged for a little giveaway.

Leave a comment and follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin’, or Pinterest to enter. I’ll choose 1 winner at random at the end of day (you must be an US resident to enter.)



  1. I love Aveeda glycerin clear soap!

    I first got some Aveeda at a nice hotel and took it home to use it b/c it was so nice. I also like the shapmoo alot, and the creams.

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I am thrilled to see such a wonderful line of products..and would LOVE the chance to try them out for myself! I also tend to wait too long for a cut, use straighteners, curling irons, and blow dry- the price you pay for beauty!? 🙂

  3. having done an ombre as well (i brought a picture of yours to my hair stylist for inspiration!) i feel as if my hair NEEDS this! I love aveda products-the smell, how it feels on my hair, etc- and would absolutely love to be chosen for this giveaway. I love your blog and will continue to show friends it for inspiration as well! thanks Laney!

  4. I already follow you on twitter, bloglovin, and pinterest. My hair can use all the help it can get between everything I do to it!

  5. I love this giveaway! I’ve heard great things about this product and would love to try it! Following you on pinterest! 🙂

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