They say that the world was built for two

{ Equipment blouse, vintage jacket, Sandrina Fasoli skirt, Tabitha Simmons boots, ResultWear bra, Dannijo bracelets, Hermes watch, Jack Vartanian necklace}

♫♪ Lana Del Rey — Video Games

When I started my current, très corporate job the experience of commuting uptown, dressed in a pencil skirt and button down felt so not me. For months I sat in my office feeling completely out of place. While it may sound silly, I soon discovered that when I dressed more like myself, the whole 5th-Avenue, skyscraper experience changed. I was suddenly more in control and able to relax. My uniform now includes skirts with sweet details, ankle boots and the occasional neon accent.

Have you ever experienced this feeling? How do you ensure that you stay true to yourself at work?



  1. I have a company job too and I like to dress up, but not conservetively as they want me to. But I just told them that I have to be me and they acepted it.

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