Brunch at Doma Na Rohu

When a new restaurant pops up in the neighborhood my friends and I have to try it. Even when it has a wierd name, like Doma Na Rohu. Their german dishes were surprisingly simple though, and delicious. The best part though was that there was no pretention or ridiculous wait. And, we sat at the table well after we finished eating, without being rushed. It was like some sort of mythical NYC brunch place, with good coffee.



    • This is almost correct. Actually, it means “At home on the corner.” “Home on the corner” would be “Domov na rohu.”

  1. Wow! How Yummy the egg’s look! And I also LOVE good coffee with every meal, especialy when there is half and half, not skim milk. This look’s so nice I will have to go there soon.

  2. It’s clear that great care was taken with every decision in opening Doma Na Rohu. Can’t wait to make it our new home on the corner!

  3. the owners are also very special people who very much care about the quality of their food and the overall vibe. you will enjoy..

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