Happy 90th Nanna!

My Nanna. We share a name, but I like to think we share a few other special things too. Like our love of cookies, she’s famous for this recipe. She has talked me through more baking disasters than I can remember (unfortunately I didn’t inherit her patience). We’re equally great at relaxing too. And yes, it’s a talent. We can sit on the couch for hours looking at her jewelry collection and telling stories. And we both love parties. She’s having a huge 90th birthday rager today. Which, with great regret, I’m missing.

I love you Nanna and am very sorry I can’t be there. But, I can’t wait to hear all the details. Happy Birthday! xx Your namesake

My Nanna on the right. She’s the one in the chic suit.

One of my favorite photos of my grandmother. And a good reminder, that sometimes those shots with our eyes closed shouldn’t be deleted after all.



  1. I agree. What an adorable grandmother! And it’s so nice to be able to see these vintage pictures! Happy 90th, Nanna! We look forward to celebrating your 100th on this websight!

  2. She’s gorgeous! I love the first photo–it’s dreamy and romantic (perfect for your blog). Happy birthday Nanna!

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