Auberge du Soleil


Before heading to Los Angeles for work, I stopped in San Francisco to take my Nanna out to lunch. I wanted something special, to make an occasion out of it. After a lot of research I settled on Auberge du Soleil. An amazing restaurant nestled into the mountains of Napa. No less than nine people came by to ask if my grandmother was really 90-years old and the food was incredible. It was an afternoon to remember.




  1. Aww I can see why these people were wondering about your grandma’s age! She doesn’t look 90 at all! And about the place, it’s so dainty and adorable! I’d love to dine there sometime in the future. Thanks for this post!

  2. Reminds me of my own Nanna’s 80th birthday, when the mayor dropped by (her town being, maybe *slightly* smaller then SF); and when she opened the door for him, he just didn’t understand she was the one he had come to visit.
    That was five years ago, and still she looks no older than seventy, at the most, if you ask me. I’m silently wishing that this runs in the family 😉
    Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your Nanna look’s just like my Bubbie, and I am pretty sure my bubbie is less then 80 year’s old. I always thought that Napa only had one P in it (Napa, not Nappa). Is there a place called Nappa?

  4. hi,it was really nice of grandma wil alwayz remember dat day.Thanks 4 making her feel special.

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