You could spend endless amounts of time in New York doing nothing. Nothing that feels like something: drinking beers at bars, shopping, going on infinite first dates, staying out ’til all hours of the night. I’ve had plenty of fun doing those things, but, I’m looking for more. I want to learn more, experience more, remember more.

So, I’ve started to take advantage of all the other things the city has to offer: cooking classes, french conversational groups, wine tastings, Brooklyn bike rides, independent movies, art exhibits… And the photography composition course I took last weekend. For two hours we walked the Highline, first taking pictures of lines, then curves, then curves and lines and lastly, everything. Minus my complete and utter frustration at not being a better photographer, those hours spent in full concentration, focused only on the creative and aesthetic output were incredibly inspiring.

I found the course on, a very cool site that aggregates classes in NYC. Next up: a frustration-filled screenwriting class via Gotham Writers’ Workshop.



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