This champagne shore washing over me

{ 360 Sweater similar one here, Forever 21 cutoffs, Toms + The Row shoes, American Apparel clutch}

♫♪ Zac Brown Band — Knee Deep

Friday afternoon we piled in the car, soaking wet from the rain, upset over the horrible tragedy in Colorado and less than excited about sitting in the inevitable end-of-the-week traffic. But, when we finally made it to the beach where we were having a friend’s bachelorette party, we were met with hugs, kisses and big piña coladas. The weekend ended up being perfect, which I find is often the way when you dread something. I got to spend time with some very special people in my life– those friendships that are what it’s all about, despite rain or feeling tired or all the other things that sometimes get in the way.



    • I so agree! Laney is cute and svelte to be able to wear horizontal stripes but when you are over size 6, you start to look like a zebra!

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