It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do

{ DVF “Mimosa” clutch, Joie wedges, Eryn Brinie blazer, vintage necklaces }

♫♪ Chris Isaak — Wicked Game

It feels so nice to be home after weeks of traveling. And best of all, it feels good to be happy about being here. For years I’ve talked about moving back to California, and while I’m sure I eventually will, it feels good to finally surrender to being here, the moment and enjoying myself. As a friend said to me yesterday, “Why would you leave the city when you’re just hitting your stride?” Good question…



  1. I hope you stay in NYC b/c it’s so much fun reading about you!

    I almost followed an exBF to the Midwest and am glad I didn’t!

    (PS: it’s Von FuRstenberg! Love the clutch but too expensive 4 me!)

  2. Wow, youre outfit look’s so good! If I can EVER loose 8 pound’s I hope to be able to wear these clothe’s. Stay in New York City! It is NOT called the Big Apple for nothing. And it would NOT be the same w/o you here. As my ex said: ” If you can make it there you can Make it any where!” Yay!

    • I forgot to ask: Can you please share some more pictures of you and Nana in California? She is SO cute and I want to show my mom, b/c she remind’s me of my Nana! Thanks!

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