Linguine with lemon zest and crème fraîche

I’d been looking forward to making this pasta dish all week after seeing a picture of it on Pinterest (one of my favorite places to find recipes). It’s fresh, light flavors are what summer meals are all about. I ate my bowl in front of the t.v. but ideally you would have a roof deck and bottle of white wine to go with it.

Linguine with lemon zest and crème fraîche
(recipe adapted from Foodie and the Geek)


1 pound linguine*
3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 lemons (ideally meyer)
3 handfuls spinach, roughly torn
3/4 cup crème fraîche
salt and pepper

Fill a large pot with water, add enough salt so that you can actually taste it and bring the water to boil. Add the pasta. Cook until al dent. While the pasta is cooking, zest both lemons into the bowl and add the torn spinach. Juice 1 1/2 lemons and reserve. When the pasta is done, reserve 1 cup of the pasta water. Then drain the pasta and immediately add it to the bowl with the spinach and lemon zest. Quickly drizzle the lemon juice and pasta water over the linguine. Add the crème fraîche and cheese and fold all ingredients together. Continue to fold until the spinach is welted, cheese is melted, and each noodle is coated with sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy on your roof top with a glass of cold white wine.

*I used my favorite gluten-free, brown rice pasta that you can find here.



  1. Oh how I love simple easy and very diet friendly recipes such as this one. TY for sharing. 🙂 A lot of our pastas at home are drizzled with olive oil and tossed with basil and parmesan and romano cheeses.. Spinach will be nice addition if I can find it here in Sicily! 🙂

  2. It is yummy but if I cooked a pound of pasta I would eat it all and my tush would be as big as a cow and I could never go to the beach!

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