Love, Diane

Ecstatic doesn’t quite describe how I felt when Diane Von Furstenberg invited me (and 10 other fashion bloggers) to her office for cocktails. Diane herself is of course so ridiculously fabulous you feel like a joke sitting next to her. But regardless, when you have one of your personal role models asking you about your blogging strategy, you can’t help but feel at ease. Diane became someone I looked up to personally and professionally when, 15 years ago, I read an article in Vogue announcing the relaunch of her line. Mainly because she spoke to being independent with such confidence and certitude that I couldn’t help but want to be that woman she was describing. To me, DVF has always represented what it means to be proud and strong, and all the while, being more beautiful because of it.

Thank you Diane, and the whole DVF team for having me. It was a night I’ll always remember. Love, Laney



  1. Your so lucky! She has been around along time and she is still reinventing herself! My mom bought her clothes years ago and I think she is (or was) married to someone famous! Maybe someday you will be the next DVF! Yay!!!!

  2. I agree! She is like Gloria Vanderbildt. Very aristacratic. She was royalty in Germany at one time, but she gave it all up for fashion. How cool is that?

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