Pie Class

I took a pie making class a few weeks ago to learn how to make a world-class pie. I’ve made pies before but was never really happy with them– the dough was never flakey enough, the filling always too soup-y. We spent two hours learning to make the dough (the secret is to barely handle it) and the method of the perfect lattice. The end result was definitely the best I’ve ever had.

Pie Dough by Millicent Souris


2 1/4 c AP flour
2 t kosher salt
2 t white sugar

Mix in a medium size mixing bowl

1 c COLD unsalted butter
1/2 c ice water strained

Cut your butter into cubes and scatter over the dry mixture. Quickly incorporate intothe flour, almost snapping the cubes of fat between your thumb and middle fingers. Splash  1/4 c of the ice water (with no ice) over the mixture nd using a fork to mix it together. Add more water tablespoon by tablespoon until your dough can hold together when you squeeze it. Form two balls of dough, flatten and wrap in cling wrap. refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.



  1. This looks Soooo good, but it would go right to my tuchas, and I am trying to lose 8 lbs. I supose I can’t gain any weight just looking, and it does look delishous!!!!

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