Things to worry about

If I’m not worrying about something, I feel like I’m not being productive. I worry about time, age, success, people in need, my family, my body, bills, my career and everything in between. The thing is though, it’s never really gotten me anywhere. My worrying hasn’t done much except for keeping me from falling sleep. I guess that’s why I love this note so much. I’m working on narrowing down my anxious thoughts, keeping them to a select few categories.

Are you guys worriers? I remember reading this post from Cup of Jo and feeling comfort knowing that I’m not the only person whose mind runs wild.



  1. Don’t confuse worry with effort and diligence. Never stop trying to improve yourself or your prospects. But having done your best, move forward without worry, which is simply fear in disguise. As a great man said, “Do not take counsel of your fears.”

  2. You pretty much described me to a T!!!! Love this! Makes me realize that I’m not the only one feeling like this. There is so much more to life than to be worrying about every single thing around us. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!


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