The same old someone that I knew

 { Black Halo “Jackie O” dress, Oscar de la Renta clutch, Zara heels }

♫♪Billy Joel — Just the way you are

I’ve always had, and probably always will have, boobs and a butt. They’ve been a serious point of contention for me over the years. Working in the fashion industry taught me to hide them and worship those skinnier and more flat chested.

Recently though, I’ve started to embrace them. In the past, pencil skirts or dresses like this one would have been off-limits. I’d have been worried that something so body conscious would make my curves too noticeable. But, that’s the cool thing about getting older, you get too tired to worry and instead start enjoying.

P.s. Hanky Panky’s new seamless thongs (not out yet) and Resultwear’s “Ginger” bodysuit are great for under tight skirts.



  1. Laney, you’re honestly one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And reading your blog has seriously taught me to love who you are and embrace what you have. Thank YOU!

  2. You’re honestly gorgeous. I think sometimes we feel that if we aren’t flat-chested and skinny or larger we don’t have a spot in the fashion industry or even in the fashion blogosphere. Thanks for reminding me that my curves aren’t a reason to hide behind Polyvore boards.

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