Daily meditation


For my birthday this year, I decided that instead of having a debaucherous party I wanted to do something a little more reflective, and a little less hangover inducing. I ended up signing up for a two-month long meditation course. We met every Monday for three hours, and in between classes we were instructed to meditate twice a day for twenty minutes. I didn’t always get around to doing it twice every day, but I tried (the very convenient thing about meditation is that there’s no judging allowed).

The incessant worrying I’ve done my whole life has subsided, my insomnia is gone and I’m overall much calmer and happier. Lately though, I’ve been missing my class. I find myself often wishing that I could talk to my classmates about this, that and the other (you can’t really help but form a bond when you express you’re biggest, deepest, darkest, weirdest insecurities and fears to someone). To fill the void, I’m going to check out the group meditation at the Tibetan House tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes incase any of you are curious.



  1. Ooh Meditation Course! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while!

    I used to meditate regularly back home but I must say I haven’t got the chance to get into a good routine here in the States… I tried a couple of places but haven’t found a good match.
    Where is this two-month course?


  2. You quote is one of my favs!! It’s great to see people are age into meditating! It’s the best feeling ever. When I used to do it for over half and hour it was incredible! I wish I lived in NY where there were so many yoga and meditating studios. I’ve been looking for a class for a long time but there’s not many in the Alabama. I love your site! Can’t wait to read all your posts! Best wishes!!

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