Apple cider vinegar elixir


A couple weeks ago one of my work friends told me that he drinks apple cider vinegar. When I politely asked “Dear God, why in hell would you do that?” he said that it is his miracle cure all. It changed his energy levels, helped his stomach aches, and cleared up his skin. He had me at “miracle”, and always up to try a weird health fad, I picked up a bottle of my own. I mix it with a little honey and water and sip on all morning. It has replaced my habitual coffee, and more importantly I think it has helped me lose the holiday-cookie weight gain. It’s also pretty yummy — kinda like an affordable Kombucha.

Apple cider vinegar elixir

2 T Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
1 T honey
1 cup flat or sparkling water

Combine in a mason jar or water bottle. Shake (unless you’re using sparkling water, in which case, stir) and enjoy.



  1. Laney, apple cider vinegar is an old family recipe to cure colds and clear up skin issues. But you are right to mix it with something else as it is very pungent. There is a spelling error, tho. I am not sure it is good to lose weight, but it certainly does not help to “loose” weight, ya? You are smart to fix this spelling no? I love this blog! Keep sending out helpful issues!

  2. Through my teens I had flawless skin, however when I turned 20 I started developing cystic/hormonal acne that has left some scarring. I scoured the internet to find a natural solution to avoid laser treatment and medical intervention. I’ve been drinking ACV for about 4 months now and it has cleared up my skin dramatically (not completely…yet). I also use it as a topical treatment before bed (1 part ACV, 1 part witch hazel, 2 parts water) as a toner, which adds a BEAUTIFUL glow to my skin (even though it sort of makes me smell like a cheap salad dressing for a little while).

    My only word of caution is that because it is very acidic, you have to make sure to be careful of the damaging effects it can have on your tooth enamel. I make sure to brush my teeth immediately after drinking my water/ACV/honey mixture and I NEVER drink it straight.

    – Laine xo

  3. My Dad recommended this to me when I had a sore throat and I laughed at him! However, then I got desperate and tried it! It worked so well and the sore throat went away in 2 days! The Braggs tastes MUCH better than the other vareities and I am told it is more potent. I will have to try this recipe too

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