That coat…

I’ve had dreams about this coat. And not just because it would allow me to dress in my favorite, super-comfty black and white pieces without feeling the least bit boring.

Celine coat
(But really, I had this dream a couple weeks ago that I was at a restaurant wearing it, eating french fries with mustard, when my old boss walked in. She immediately morphed in Reese Witherspoon, I spilled catsup, which confused me, and upset me, and then she complimented me on my hair. It was weird.)
Celine coat
Rayban glasses, $200,
Equipment blouse. $115,
J brand jeans, $323,
Rag & Bone belt, $225,
Rag & Bone boots, $615,


  1. The weather is nice for a change in the city. I went for a nice walk to Roosevelt’s island. You should go there and take pics for the blog. It is good and healthy to walk on a nice day!

  2. I’m getting so into statement pieces like this coat. You know, I love winter fashion but always feel so sad when I have to cover up a fierce outfit with a coat, but this year’s winter outerwear is making me rethink that sentiment. I love that cobalt blue!

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