How to beat the cold (at Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee)


The cold front that’s been brutalizing the East Coast this week has been quite the talk of the town (aka Twitter). So much so that one my good friends in L.A. called to ask me how exactly I was surviving given that I feel chilly when it dips below 75. It was a good question. I remember when I first moved to the city from California and had no idea to what to do. For all those wondering, here are my tips how to beat the cold:

1. DVR twice as many t.v. shows as normal. Your couch is the only time you’re actually going to be warm. Get comfortable.

2. Brush up on your current events (aka tweets) and get ready to spend hours upon hours in your local coffee shop.

3. Hot Toddies don’t count as alcohol, they’re just Red Bull for the winter (I’ve done juice cleanses that included these bad boys).

4. Get over trying to look svelte, because the name of the game is layering. Also, Uniqlo Heattech tops can make the different between a walk to work that feels like it might be your last and a nice, crisp, “invigorating” stroll.

5. And most importantly, plan on taking lots of trips to L.A.


{ Gap jacket, Fidelity “Axl” Jeans, Jack Willis scarf, White and Warren hat, Alexander Wang bag }



  1. Fantastic advice, cute coffe shope and great scarf! I live in Maine so this completley resonates with me… and now see a hot toddy in my future. Thanks!

  2. I personally drink vodka with pomegargranite juice ! It keeps me warm on nights when my boyfriend is traveling. You should try it!

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