The lights’ shinin’ through on you




♫♪ Eric Clapton — Sunshine of your Love

Seasonal depression has hit me hard this month. I’m so homesick I feel like I could cry, nothing sounds at all interesting (least of which Fashion Week), and I’m so lethargic  getting to work in the morning, let alone dinner that night, is a near to impossible feat. Really the only thing to do when it gets this bad is board a plane and get to a beach. Skin damage and wrinkles be damned, I’m going to get some Vitamin D if it’s the last thing I do. I’m thinking the Dominican Republic, or maybe the Bahamas… But if anyone has any suggestions on where to go, do share. A favorite little hotel or beach resort?




  1. Im going to the Dominican Republic in april and am SO looking forward to it… especially given the crappy weather we’ve had here. Jamaica is also really nice and pretty affordable.

  2. Dont be sad, Laney! Get a sun lamp and Vitamin D tablet’s (5000 MG). That is how I get thru the long winter’s here, knoweing that the summer is not to far away! I also watch movies on DVD if it is snowey, which it will be this week end!

  3. I so relate to how you’re feeling! I’m from San Diego, CA and this is my very first East coast winter in DC. I’m dealing by shining a sun lamp in my face every morning for about 20 minutes. I highly recommend St. Thomas or St. Croix for a getaway 🙂

  4. Turks and caicos is the place to go! I live here and this is my favourite time of the year, when its so cold in NY, i dont’t even want to go. The rest of the year I dream of NY shopping and restaurants 😉

  5. I totally know the feeling! Ive managed to avoid any cold weather in the last year..but will be going to snowy London soon, dreading the cold! Thailand has the most beautiful islands and beach villas to stay in. Phuket..Koh Samui.. wonderful food, people and beaches, cant go wrong!

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