Getting away…


My level of my burned outness reached an all-time high on Tuesday. For weeks now I’ve been unenthused by Twitter’s twitterings, slapping any ol’ filter on my forced Instagrams and abandoning Pinterest’s infinite scrolling wasteland. Even my blog, the one place where I have all the creative control that I want, felt uninviting. All this was a problem since I work in social media, and strange because usually my work doesn’t even feel like work to me. I love what I do. I’m one of those lucky people who’s favorite thing to do became their profession (like Oprah– or so she said in her final episode– which will forever live on my DVR).

But then, yesterday, something clicked again. I had a meeting that got me excited about a project and I didn’t even want to leave the office today. I’m buzzing again and anxious for a weekend full of research and photos. Tomorrow I’m heading to my friend’s country house for some non-New York time and a much needed breath of fresh air. Which is sometimes all you need.



  1. everyone goes through this. i think it just breaks down to needing that downtime to appreciate where we are in life and what we do- and LOVE doing. inspiration and creativity sometimes get stifled and its so important to count our blessings and remind ourself of just how good we have it. im so glad the inspiration snapped right back into your soul. those moments, to me, are the very best to keep!
    love your blog- i hope you can find some inspiration on mine as well! xoxo

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